Meet Damian Devonish

A person-centred therapist at his core, Damian practices with a dedication to Congruence, Empathy and Unconditional Positive Regard.

Drawing on the best practices of psychotherapy, Damian takes an eclectic approach to treatment, emphasizing the importance of holistic healing.


As an experienced therapist, trained Theologian and Pastoral Care and Counseling expert, Damian Devonish, B.A., M.Sc., RP, understands the transformative power of addressing spiritual imbalances alongside emotional and physical needs.

This highbred, integrative approach attends to all aspects of the self, supporting each individually while also bringing them together to create One Harmonized Whole.


The willingness to transparently relate to clients without hiding behind a professional or personal facade.


The therapist communicates their desire to understand and appreciate their client’s perspective.

Unconditional Positive Regard

The therapist offers acceptance to their client for who he or she is without conveying disapproving feelings, actions or characteristics and by demonstrating a willingness to attentively listen without interruption, judgement or giving advice.


Damian Devonish, B.A., M.Sc., RP. Master of Counselling, 2009
Bachelor of Arts in Theology, 2005 (Majoring in Pastoral Care & Counselling)
Registered Psychotherapist - I.D# 004673
Psychodynamic Therapist - I.D# capt601
Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor - I.D# 15-000-274
Certified Life Coach
17 Years in Practice